051: David Watson – How to Attract Photography Business Using Facebook

If you believe Facebook is only about generating huge profits and making your small photography business pay for the slightest chance of a good portion of your “fans” seeing your posts, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised following this interview.

David Watson, marketing and social media expert, owner of Strategy Point teaches you how the “new” algorithm works and how to attract photography business on Facebook and effectively generate sales. After all, isn't that the reason photographers and business owners are using the platform?

Following the episode, you'll appreciate Facebook has made the changes for the good of the users. And by  utilising the tools they freely provide, you can modify your posts and updates to make them relevant and useful for your fans and seen by them.

During the interview, you'll learn what so many photographers are getting wrong with social media and how to easily manage a strategy that suits you and your business.

The tactics that David reveals are enlightening and beautifully simple and will leave you with a clear direction on how to minimise your time and maximise your reach to the people that really matter to your business… potential and future clients.

Here's some more of what we cover:

  • Facebook insights and how to use them to increase engagement with your status updates
  • How valuable are likes to your page… not as much as you think
  • How to know when your fans are online and using Facebook
  • What type of content you should be creating and sharing… Facebook actually show you if you know where to look
  • What is engagement on Facebook and why it's so important for our business to increase it
  • Why you need to get involved and start liking, commenting and sharing other peoples posts
  • Boosting posts, is it really worth it?
  • Can you run a business from a personal profile and should you?
  • How to best divide your blog posts for successful Facebook engagement
  • Why you shouldn't be creating long blog posts with lots of photos
  • How to measure the effectiveness of your posts and repeat your successes
  • When to schedule your updates and when you shouldn't
  • Why your best content always belongs on your blog or website not Facebook
  • Facebook ratings, do you need to take notice?

It seems Facebook has become an extension of your normal photography marketing strategy; provide something unique and valuable for your clients and you'll always be busy, the phone will always be ringing and you'll be talked about, referred and liked.

Facebook Insights

Just one of the tools that Facebook is providing to businesses to improve their success.

What's on Offer for Every Listener

David is hosting a series of social media workshops around Australia and has offered all listeners of the podcast a 10% off promo code. In addition to this, Premium Members receive a further 10% off for an attractive 20% off any of the workshops.

You can learn more about the workshops on the Strategy Point website, including when and where they are being held here: http://strategypoint.com.au/workshops

Here's some of what you'll learn:

  1. How to develop a successful and repeatable social strategy
  2. How to create amazing content easily and often
  3. How to implement your strategy
  4. How to analyse and refine
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David Watson Strategy Point Interview

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