Is photography your passion, your life? Is your plan to have a successful wedding or portrait photography business or, are you already on your way?

How would you like to fast track your progress? Seriously. You can get where you want to be faster than you ever would on your own.

Join me, as I interview the most successful photographers from around the world to uncover the facts about running a wedding and portrait photography business for profit. You’ll hear photographers share more than you’ve ever heard them share before.

Photographers like Jonas Peterson, Fer Juristi, Sue Bryce, Ryan Brenizer, Peter Hurley, Gabe McClintock, Luisa Dunn, Ana Brandt, Ian Weldon, Nordica Photography, Jerry Ghionis plus more.

Listen in as photographers reveal exactly what they do in their business and how they do it.

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I’ve picked up so much useful information to help fine tune my own business. I really appreciate this find and have already found it invaluable.
Dean, CloudFace Photography
I love the honesty and integrity of those interviewed so far, it’s not all positive, they share the ups and downs. It’s REAL!!!
Deb, Red Nest Studio
Thanks so much Andrew for another GREAT interview! Yay!!!! You don’t know how liberated that makes me feel! Now I can hold my head high as I shoot in jpeg!
Pauline Davis
Just what wedding and portrait photographers have craved. Inspirational and educational with advice everyone should replicate in their own business.
Phillip Silverman, Phillip Silverman Photography
I’m really surprised at the raw honesty of these interviews.
Marc Eric, Marc Eric Photography

You can hear the latest episode right here, right now – click play in the player below!

Learn the very things they wish they knew ‘back then’ that they have learnt the hard way and know so well today – how to attract a constant flow of clients who want to pay for their photography.

Discover the exact way to market, advertise, and promote to attract wedding and portrait clients every day. We discuss pricing, photography packages, sales techniques, to add on, up-sell or not, what to do when the phone rings and what the experts do when it doesn’t.

Learn what they do from the initial consultation right through to the album or prints sales session to pick up and beyond.

Learn from successful operators exactly how they incorporate social media, what works, what doesn’t. You’ll recognise some photographers by name, some you won’t – every one though, will be operating a successful photography business today.

You get to learn from home based photographers and those with commercial premises. Photographers that shoot in Studios and others that solely work on location or outdoors.

Other guests include leaders in the fields of social media, off line marketing, advertising, branding, accounting, internet marketing – all offering real advice and relevant content aimed squarely at being a successful photographer.

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